How to Use this Course

Hey there! 

Welcome to your Scalp Micropigmentation Fundamental Training Class! We are SO excited to get to be apart of your journey, and honored that you have trusted us. Between the two of us, I am positive that you will have all of the tools needed to be an amazing SMP artist. Please read the entire module and watch the video in its entirety to get the most out of your class. 

The objective of this training course is to provide the trainee with a solid foundation of knowledge regarding the House of Him Scalp Micropigmentation method. In addition, this course will offer guidance to aid in running a successful SMP business. Upon completion of this course, the trainee will have been provided all the necessary information to become an SMP artist. 


After the class is over, you MUST practice and immerse yourself in this business in order to be successful. Practice and continued education is a MUST!


Goals of this course:

  1. Get expert training to perform scalp micropigmentation treatments
  2. Learn how to select the proper color, density, hand techniques, and hairline type
  3. Become educated on the scalp micropigmentation process, Hair Tattoo, and Scalp Tattoo health and safety.
  4. Receive scalp micropigmentation training certification to use in your permanent cosmetics career
  5. Ongoing support from scalp micropigmentation experts to continuously develop your SMP industry skill set.


How to get the most out of this course:

  1. Go through each module and be sure to read ALL written text, and watch all videos. Don’t skip any parts of the modules!
  2. Take, and pass, all quizzes.
  3. Download any attachments you see throughout this course - save or print them along the way and keep them forever.
  4. Remember to take notes! 
  5. Submit all assignments, await feedback and continue to submit assignments until they are approved. 
  6. Join the Facebook support group! Reach out and ask any questions you want - no question is too silly! (include link)


Let's jump in! 


Disclaimer: The following text and videos within this program are for fundamental SMP training purposes only. Use of this course and all related material for any purposes other than reference material is not advised. Completion of this training alone does not in any way ensure a successful SMP business. SMP is an art and craft much like traditional tattooing, in that both classroom and educational knowledge, practice AND hands on work is needed to excel. 


No training materials may be shared, duplicated, or copied in any way. All content is sole property of The House of Him.

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